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Happy Happy America Happy The World

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Sometimes I sit down and make various imaginations about a world without America.

A world where terrorists cannot waste anytime in planning to strike, they sit in the morning and it bursts a minute later.

A world where dictators could force people to drink their urine by calling it a holy drink.

A world where conservative communism could make poverty a daily meal and misery a daily drink.

A world where human rights abuse could turn to be rights of man and their implementation a favor.

Sometimes if we fail to appreciate, let us at least do the least to agree, we must realise the great efforts which United States of America put in securing the world, USA monitors the world for every passing hour. Sometimes its efforts are limited by human resource and funds but it is still trying to invest in more.

We are not fools still to regard the fact that selfishness is normality but the extreme or least consideration of it's  application can makes it abnormal. USA is selfish to consider its interests first as it let's rest of life to go on, that is normal. 

If I find a queen with my brother, I would like to have her for myself. My brother will also like, that is normal, if I choose to kill my brother to remain with the queen then that is abnormal selfishness.

Remember, God monitors the world for every passing time, He still has a reason to make United States of America the world's super power.

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