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The power structure of Catholic Church in the world

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Being the most dominant religion for almost all the centuries of religious errors, the Catholic Church has maintained its powers by being the most secretive religion on Earth.

The Vatican influence is felt directly in deciding political, economic and social issues global wide. Vatican, is a known source of world power.
Given the fact that USA is the global political power, Vatican is the global spiritual power, the Church has attained capacity to feed its self under any rising economic challenge.

This is because, the church is directly involved in great economic deals, remember it has the most trained PHILOSOPHICAL scholars who always guide it to rebrand in business and strain conservatism as a mean to dominate the spiritual influence.

The Church has managed to survive many dagerous errors because, it has purely set criterias to filter and get the perfect brains which act as its managers, Galileo Galie was one of prominent challengers, King Henry could let the church sink, but trust me, the Catholic Church has got the best Conflict management team in the world. This is why after observing that the Church was going to loose everything, it endorsed the flexibility clause to allow guided science and modernity.

After observing great critics more especially USA, the church couldn't sit down, the born again churches are creating a new chapter in religious management, they are dominating the global spiritual media.

The pope as the prominent scholar of phillosophy had to creat a new brand by focusing on the bible irregular translations, every believer must know the power of the Lord's Prayer, it has survived for generations after observing the misguided quotation of" lead us not into temptation," it was so disgraceful if the critics of the church collected that clause before the church.

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