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Top Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

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When you are young, you are offered perfectly sound advice on a wide variety of topics, which you often ignore. One piece of advice that shouldn’t be ignored is the suggestion to consider purchasing a permanent life insurance policy early in your working life, while you’re young and healthy.

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Too many young Americans see life insurance as a death benefit only, and fail to consider the advantages and complete value that it can provide. Permanent life insurance provides valuable death benefit protection but also builds cash value that policyholders can use to pay for college, make a down payment on a home or serve as an important source of income for any other purpose throughout their life.

The difference in benefits when purchasing a permanent life insurance policy at 25, versus age 40, is eye-opening.

A 25-year-old female paying a little more than $180 per month in a Flexible Choice Whole Life insurance policy will build more than $29,000 in guaranteed cash value by age 40, and by age 65, the guaranteed cash value would grow to $120,600, with a guaranteed death benefit of $300,000.

If this female were to wait until age 40 to make the same monthly payment in a Flexible Choice Whole Life policy, she would have just over $53,000 in guaranteed cash value at age 65, with a death benefit of $161,000. (Nearly half of the amount that could be available if she were to make the purchase at age 25.)

A financial professional will tailor a plan to fit your own financial goals, and demonstrate how permanent life insurance fits within a sound financial plan.

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1 Accessing cash values may result in surrender fees and charges, may require additional premium payments to maintain coverage, and will reduce the death benefit and policy values.

2 Assumptions: 25-year-old female, preferred plus non-tobacco, $183 monthly premium, $300,000 death benefit.

3 Assumptions: 40-year-old female, preferred plus non-tobacco, $183 monthly premium, $161,503 death benefit. Assumes only a minor decline in health rating. Additional change in health would result in higher premium or inability to obtain coverage,

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